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Janielle Bryan, MPH is a community focused health educator 


Janielle Bryan is a public health professional, sexuality educator, and professor based in Philadelphia, PA. Throughout her career she has attempted to combat Philadelphia’s health disparities using public health’s core areas. This includes work in clinical research, health education, community health, and disease prevention. She has developed and taught various programs in schools, shelters, non-profit organizations, and corporate settings.

Her core philosophy is that a person’s socioeconomic status shouldn't be the deciding factor of their quality of life. Janielle focuses on pleasure as a means of political change and a positive force toward social equity. She's especially passionate about everyone having access to inclusive, comprehensive, and empowering sex education. 

Janielle received a Master of Public Health degree from Drexel University in June 2019. She previously completed her undergraduate education at Temple University with a degree in Public Health. In addition, she's a Certified Health Education Specialist. 

Work Experience

Sexuality Education for Youths & Young Adults

  • Gender & Sexuality

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Safer Sex Practices 

  • Consent

  • Reproductive Anatomy

  • Birth Control

  • Healthy Communication Skills

Public Health Research

  • Reproductive/ Sexual Health


  • Hepatitis C 

  • Health Disparities

  • Minority Health 


  • In Your Own Backyard: Health Disparities in Philadelphia

  • Gender & Sexuality 101

  • Cultural Competency in Healthcare

  • Sexuality & Religion

  • HIV/STD/STI Prevention

  • Consent At Any Age: Talking to Kids about Consent 

  • The Driving Force: Using Pleasure for Social Change

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